Novosealand Ltd.
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Phone: 007 (8617) 64-55-27
        007 (989) 242-21-34

Fax: 007 (8617) 67-61-99

E-mail: forwarding@novosealand.ru

   About company

Novosealand Ltd. renders services that release our clients from necessity of independent management of the difficult transport and logistic process including cooperation with a considerable quantity of subcontractors and counterparts.

Irrespective of the size of your company and a business direction, you can always count on an individual approach, detailed consideration of projects and high-quality service.

Our personnel has an experience that guarantees quality of our services. Each employee of our company understands that You need a partner which will care of Your cargoes, as if they were their own. Our reputation gives to our clients confidence that their requirements will be considered and realized.

Novosealand Ltd. is build up on two basic principles:

  1. maximum of professionalism in organization of cargoes transportation;

  2. maximum attention to the customer.

An individual approach.

  You can contact us by e-mail: forwarding@novosealand.ru
You can contact us by phone: 007 (8617) 64-55-27, 007 (989) 242-21-34
We are located: 20 office 14A Novorossiyskoy respubliki st., Novorossiysk, Russia, zip 353900.