Novosealand Ltd.
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Phone: 007 (8617) 64-55-27
        007 (989) 242-21-34

Fax: 007 (8617) 67-61-99

E-mail: forwarding@novosealand.ru


Have you ever faced a problem of import or export cargoes transportation? How to choose "a correct" carrier? If the rate is competitive? Will cargo be delivered in time? Whether safety of cargo is guaranteed?

We are sure these and other questions concerning transportation of your cargoes have raised many times.

Novosealand Ltd. renders services that release our clients from necessity of independent management of the difficult transport and logistic process including cooperation with a considerable quantity of subcontractors and counterparts.

Today we offer clients a full range of services:

Customs clearance
of containerized cargoes.
customs transit formalities.
Cargo forwarding
in ports of Novorossiysk, Rostov-on-Don, Azov.
  You can contact us by e-mail: forwarding@novosealand.ru
You can contact us by phone: 007 (8617) 64-55-27, 007 (989) 242-21-34
We are located: 20 office 14A Novorossiyskoy respubliki st., Novorossiysk, Russia, zip 353900.