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Customs  clearance
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E-mail: forwarding@novosealand.ru

   Customs clearance

  • consultations of clients on selection of an optimal customs procedure for registration of cargoes;

  • sampling and organization of necessary certification for customs clearance: veterinary certificates, phytosanitary certificates, sanitary certificates, certificates of compliance, test products protocols;

  • assistance in the organization of customs inspection in the presence of a state customs inspector;

  • preparation of the Cargo Customs Declaration for the application to customs authorities;

  • consultations on customs registration;

  • settlement of disputes relating customs payments.

An individual approach.

  You can contact us by e-mail: forwarding@novosealand.ru
You can contact us by phone: 007 (8617) 64-55-27, 007 (989) 242-21-34
We are located: 20 office 14A Novorossiyskoy respubliki st., Novorossiysk, Russia, zip 353900.